Rappelling or Abseiling is a climbing activity for descending cliffs and mountains with a rope. Equipment used: TSA or alpine harness, dynamic rappel rope, type 8 descender, carabiners, curls to fasten the rope on a natural mooring.

Also, the rope can be fastened with artificial moorings.


– Group of 10 people: 70 euro/person
– Group of 6 people: 90 euro/person
– Group of 3 people: 180 euro/person

Price includes:

– All necessary approvals for activity
– Guides certified Level 2 TSA (Technical caving-Alpine)
– Monitoring Mountain and Cave Rescue
– All specific equipment needed (helmets, heads torch, harnesses, neoprene, coveralls, thermos bottles, ropes, carabiners),
– Photos and filming

Estimated time: 8-10 hours.


– prices are negotiable depending on number of people, location and number of days.
– all activities are accompanied by the form “at your own risk” that participants are required to sign it
– location or the type of activities can be changed if weather becomes an impediment to the safety of participants.
– an activity once book for a number of people can not be renegotiated for a smaller number of participants
– Prices do not include moving participants to the venue of activities
– Prices do not include food throughout the duration of activities
– Prices do not include accommodation of participants in certain areas of activities

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