Canyoning Tour on Dry Valley canyon

Dry Valley Canyon: An alpinist’s universe

Abseiling, jumping into the water from above, natural slides, waterfalls, wild landscapes, all these ingredients will give you a day full of adrenaline and The Adventure of Your Life!
You will be accompanied at all times by experienced and certified mountain guides so your adventure take place in a safe environment.
In this tour we will descend 14 waterfalls, different sizes, varying from 3 m to 15 m.

Located in the Bihor Mountains, Apuseni Natural Park, Dry Valley canyon gathers its waters from the huge ravine of Groapa Ruginoasă. The name is not random, as during periods of low precipitation, the valley goes dry. Downstream, its depth in the limestone clamp has sculpted an impressive gorge section, of such tempestuous beauty that words cannot properly describe. An ideal landscape for speleologists and alpinists, the surroundings offers high and narrow walls, gigantic river indentations, active and fossilized snags, lofty heights and waterfalls.


– Group of 10 people: 80 euro/person
– Group of 6 people: 130 euro/person
– Group of 3 people: 250 euro/person

Price includes:

– All necessary approvals for activity
– Guides certified Level 2 TSA (Technical caving-Alpine)
– Monitoring Mountain and Cave Rescue
– All specific equipment needed (helmets, heads torch, harnesses, neoprene, coveralls, thermos bottles, ropes, carabiners),
– Photos and filming

Estimated time: 8-10 hours.


– prices are negotiable depending on number of people, location and number of days.
– all activities are accompanied by the form “at your own risk” that participants are required to sign it
– location or the type of activities can be changed if weather becomes an impediment to the safety of participants.
– an activity once book for a number of people can not be renegotiated for a smaller number of participants
– Prices do not include moving participants to the venue of activities
– Prices do not include food throughout the duration of activities
– Prices do not include accommodation of participants in certain areas of activities

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